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Senator Michele Brooks

The 50th District is blessed with such talented young people!

I always enjoy welcoming folks from home for a visit to one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the nation. It was such a pleasure to introduce some of the most talented young people our area has to offer on the Senate Floor this week, and to have the entire Senate pay tribute to their achievements.

These honorees included the reigning state champion wrestling team from our own Reynolds High School in Mercer County, as well as a young artist from Kennedy Catholic Middle School, who won a statewide poster contest on the dangers of alcohol.

Below are my remarks introducing them on the Senate Floor and photographs that were taken of these accomplished visitors during their trip to our state Capitol. I hope you enjoy sharing in their experience and celebrating their remarkable achievements as much as I did.


Mr. President, I am honored to introduce a team of outstanding young men from Reynolds High School, who have earned several major titles in the world of wrestling, and who have proven time and time again that they are not only incredibly strong in body, but in mind and spirit. 

The 24 remarkable athletes on the Raiders wrestling team earned both the District 10 and PIAA State Dual Meet Championships, while earning the most points ever in the Dual Meet Finals.  This amazing team also captured Section, District, Region and PIAA State titles.

The Reynolds Raiders hail from Reynolds High School, Greenville, Pennsylvania, and collected win after win under the expert guidance of Head Coach Casey Taylor –who was named both Section and District Coach of the Year.  Assistant Coaches Mike Hills, Marty Taylor, Jay Pierce, Jeff Linn and Logan Rickert also helped teach, train and inspire the team to victory through tournaments and long, grueling practices.

Wrestling is both an individual and team sport. It is a one-on-one duel, where a wrestler stands Eye-to-Eye with an opponent before going in for the takedown and win.  It is also a team sport -  as wrestlers watch the team’s points accumulate with each victory. 

In wrestling, the victor is never just the strongest one. It is the one who never gives up and never gives in.  All those hours of blood, sweat and dedication are worth it when the referee raises that wrestler’s arm in triumph.

I  have heard it said that, “Once you wrestle, everything else is easy.”

These boys won because of their perseverance, despite an extreme level of difficulty.  They were tenacious in their pursuit of excellence.  With that level of character and discipline, they are destined to go far in life.

So today, please join me in applauding this amazing team, along with their coaches and trainers.  These young men have had the discipline to make weight for every match -  and the strength to never quit - while ultimately arriving in the winners’ circle Again and Again.  Reynolds wrestlers, we, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are so very proud of you.  Congratulations.

Thank you!


Mr. President, it is a pleasure to introduce Talia Morgenstern and her parents, Paul and Susan along with Talia’s two sisters, Amariah and Asia. 

Talia is a talented young lady who is one of the 53 winners in the Liquor Control Board’s Alcohol Awareness Poster contest.

Her selection for this award proves that she is not only an amazing artist but a talented marketer and messaging expert. She is wise beyond her years, this seventh grader already knows the dangers of alcohol and warns others to stay away from excessive consumption and the dangers of drinking and driving.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Talia proved that axiom with her insightful poster and its powerful message.

So today, Mr. President, I ask my colleagues to please join me in applauding this promising young artist.

Thank you!



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