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Senator Scott Martin

Dear Friend,

One of my most important duties as your state Senator is keeping the lines of communications open with community residents. Electronic newsletter updates enable me to provide information about issues in Harrisburg and in local communities in a timely manner without the need for postage costs.

If you find this information to be useful, I invite you to visit my website at Please feel free to contact me at my district office in Lancaster if I can assist you with any issue pertaining to state government. My contact information is available in the column on the right side of this page.

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Senator Scott Martin

In This Edition

  • New Law Helps Streamline Parking Adjudication and Enforcement
  • New Year Brings Fresh Opportunities for General Assembly
  • Farm Show Open Through Saturday
  • News for Constituents Available Now

New Law Helps Streamline Parking Adjudication and Enforcement

Far too often, police departments and court systems of large municipalities are overburdened with an extreme number of relatively minor parking infractions. I introduced a bill that was signed into law last month that will help reduce this burden by allowing more than 50 Pennsylvania cities to utilize parking authorities to enforce parking laws, collect fines and settle disputes. The reduced strain on the courts will also allow some municipalities to eliminate magisterial district justice positions to save taxpayer dollars.

Although the law is designed to keep most parking violations out of the courts, the law still allows motorists to appeal a violation to the courts if they are dissatisfied with the parking authority’s ruling. More information about the new law is available here.

I appreciated the chance to speak with the staff at the Lancaster Cancer Center to learn about the advanced treatments they offer to local patients.

New Year Brings Fresh Opportunities for General Assembly

In 2017, the General Assembly took a number of steps to improve government operations and reduce long-term costs to taxpayers, including passage of long-sought reforms to public employee pension systems. As the calendar rolls over to 2018, lawmakers will have new opportunities to make state government truly work for the people it represents.

The biggest challenge facing lawmakers this year will be passing a fiscally responsible budget that does not ask Pennsylvania families or businesses to pay higher taxes. State government needs to be more efficient in how tax dollars are allocated, and that starts with eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. I strongly believe that we can do a better job of managing the state’s resources, and exploring new ways to reduce the cost of government will be a priority for me again this year.

Fixing Pennsylvania’s budget woes will also require lawmakers to play a positive role in supporting a robust economy. Government does not create jobs – businesses do. I will continue to support free-market principles that encourage business growth and development to create new opportunities for job-seekers.

1/2/18 - Nomination of Senator Joe Scarnati for Senate President Pro Tempore

It was my honor to second the nomination of Senator Joe Scarnati to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Senate again in 2018.

Farm Show Open Through Saturday

Thousands of visitors from throughout the world have converged in Harrisburg this week to celebrate Pennsylvania’s rich agricultural heritage at the 2018 Farm Show. The event allows exhibitors and competitors – including many from Lancaster County – to showcase the very best of Pennsylvania agriculture.

The 102nd Farm Show will be open through January 13 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. More information, including a complete listing of events, is available online at

News for Constituents Available Now

In addition to the latest news from the General Assembly, my website at includes helpful information on a variety of topics that may be of interest to community residents, such as News for Constituents. The latest edition includes updates on winter weather safety, income tax filing and more.

News for Constituents is available on my website under the News tab.

For more information on issues of importance to Pennsylvania, please visit my website at


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