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Senator Pat Stefano

Dear Friend,

Please find an update on what has been happening in Harrisburg and around the 32nd District below.

Pat Stefano

Coffee and Conversation in Fayette County

I am inviting area residents to a series of informal “Coffee and Conversation” meetings during the week of August 8th to talk about legislation, state issues and how I can better represent your interests in Harrisburg.

My top priority as an elected official has been to be open and accessible to the people I represent and to ensure their voices are heard in Harrisburg. These informal meetings are a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with folks and find out what is on their mind and how I can assist them.

Come sit and talk with me at the following locations:

Tuesday, August 8th
11 a.m.
 - Community Bank Park (Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Served)
702 Graham Street, Belle Vernon, PA

2:30 p.m. - Scottdale Library
106 Spring Street, Scottdale, PA

6 p.m. - American Legion Post 301
340 N. Pittsburgh Street, Connellsville, PA

Wednesday, August 9th
10 a.m.
- Franklin Community Park, Pavilion #1
115 Warchol Road, Vanderbilt, PA

1:30 p.m. - Jackson Farms
6718 National Pike, New Salem, PA

6 p.m. - East End United Community Center
150 Coolspring Street, Uniontown, PA

Please stop by one of the many locations, have a cup of coffee with me and share your thoughts and concerns. I look forward to meeting with area residents.

Those who would like to attend should RSVP at Senator Stefano’s Connellsville office (724) 626-1611.

My Somerset County Coffee and Conversation series will take place the week of August 28th with exact times and locations to be announced later.

Pennsylvania Land Bank Act Bill Passes Senate

7/26/17 - Combating Blight (Senate Bill 667)

The State Senate today approved legislation I sponsored to provide local redevelopment authorities with greater authority and additional resources to combat neighborhood blight.  Senate Bill 667 would grant redevelopment authorities the same powers currently allotted to land banks through the Pennsylvania Land Bank Act, enabling them to take an active role in rehabilitated blighted properties and neighborhoods.

During my many tours of local municipalities, I noticed that dealing with blight has been the one issue that every municipality, large and small, has asked for help with. I’ve seen buildings on the verge of collapsing onto a main street and piles of rubble where once stood a business.  Blighted, abandoned properties pose a danger to the public, increase crime rates and reduce property values.  This legislation will give communities a valuable tool to effectively blight, which is becoming a growing problem in many areas of the state.

Under my proposal, land banks will continue to remain a successful and useful tool for municipalities in combatting blight.  This bill will offer another resource for municipalities with active redevelopment authorities to use in eliminating blight, rehabilitating properties and improving neighborhoods and communities while saving them money and avoiding costly and timely duplication of services.

Senate Bill 667 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration. 

Read more here.

Senator Stefano Honors Heroes of the Quecreek Mine Rescue

Fifteen years ago, for the second time in just under a year, the eyes of nation and the world were trained on a seemingly empty plot of land in Somerset County. Just a few miles from where the eyes of the world watched a common field become a field of honor inspired by the stories of heroism that came from Flight 93 on September of 2001. Now another ordinary setting in Somerset County has become a place for extraordinary stories of heroism, bravery and perseverance that continue to inspire the nation.

The miracle that took place at Quecreek was the result of an incredible team effort and spirit on display there over the course of those 78 hours both with the 9 underground and with the hundreds working feverishly to save them buoyed the spirit of Americans all over the country.  On July 28th, 2017, we celebrated not only the men who have become immortalized as “the nine” but each and every worker, each emergency service and health care provider and everyone who had a hand in the incredible events of 15 years ago.

The Story of the Quecreek mine rescue teaches us of the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit. It reminds us of what can be accomplished when everyone is working together towards a common goal. It should help us realize that it is not through magic that when we flip a switch the lights come on. It’s through the hard work of men and women who go underground every day that make that possible. It is hard work and as we learned here it can be dangerous work. We should never take that for granted.

I was honored to speak on the heroism of the Quecreek Nine and their rescuers at the ceremony in Somerset and on the Senate Floor:

Around the 32nd District – Fayette County Fair Edition




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