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Senator Pat Stefano

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Please find an update on what has been happening in Harrisburg and around the 32nd District below.

Pat Stefano

Election Day is a Key Moment for Property Tax Reform

10/23/17 - Constitutional Amendment Question on the Ballot

This November, you, the voters will have an opportunity to change the Pennsylvania Constitution and provide more opportunity for property tax relief. Voters will ultimately decide whether Pennsylvania’s property tax homestead exemption should be increased from 50 percent to 100 percent.  You can view the full text of the amendment in the graphic below. 

There has been great interest surrounding this ballot question. In my time as your Senator no issue has garnered more interest than the local school property tax. After my town hall meetings earlier this year it was clear that the proposed constitutional amendment has caused confusion. 

It makes little sense to oppose this option. This amendment provides the flexibility to taxing bodies to provide the most property tax relief that they can.  I fear if the voters of Pennsylvania vote down this proposal, those who have thus far resisted property tax elimination like Governor Wolf and those who favor the educational status quo will point to this vote as further evidence that property taxes are not a real problem for the majority of Pennsylvanians and would deliver another blow to the property tax elimination efforts. 

As a homeowner and taxpayer who shares in the frustration of seemingly ever-increasing property taxes, I intend to vote in support of this amendment. While the constitutional amendment is not the final answer, it is an important part of the path to get to my goal of property tax elimination. I believe strongly that no tax should have the power to leave you homeless. If you do as well, I encourage you to give this constitutional amendment on your November 7th ballot serious consideration. 

I encourage you to share the video above, share the graphic below, and visit for more information on this and other state issues.



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